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A Globalização dos Movimentos Sociais.pdf
Ciência&Saúde Coletiva (2002)
  • Carlos Eduardo Siqueira
  • Hermano Albuquerque Castro, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública
  • Tânia Maria de Araújo
This article initially presents proposed definitions for the expression Corporate Neoliberal Globalization or neoliberal globalization.
Next it discusses the main problems and impacts of the neoliberal globalization identified by social movements and intelectuals who lay out alternatives to the global neoliberal model, known as anti-globalization movement, “globalização from below” or “grassroots” globalization. These social movements have often organized themselves as global networks of social movements. To account for the appearance
of such networks, the article reviews arguments put forth by scholars of the structures and dynamics of social networks. The article concludes with suggestions for elements of an alternative program to global neoliberalism.
  • globalization,
  • neoliberalism,
  • social movements
Publication Date
July, 2002
Citation Information
Carlos Eduardo Siqueira, Hermano Albuquerque Castro and Tânia Maria de Araújo. "A Globalização dos Movimentos Sociais.pdf" Ciência&Saúde Coletiva Vol. 7 Iss. 2 (2002) p. 285 - 296
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