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About Carlos O. Castillo-Araiza

Carlos O. Castillo-Araiza is full time professor joined to the Group of Chemical Engineering from the Department of Hydraulic and Process Engineering, at the Metropolitan Autonomous University Campus Iztapalapa, Mexico. Castillo-Araiza previously had a two-year postdoctoral position at the Laboratory for Chemical Technology at Ghent University, Belgium; his research was involved on reactor analysis applied to industrial-system from Shell Technology Center- Houston, United States. Castillo-Araiza obtained his Master Degree and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico. During his Postgraduate Education, Castillo-Araiza moved to a research stay at the department of Chemical Engineering from Penn State University, United States. Castillo-Araiza obtained his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at Ecatepec Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico. During his undergraduate Education, Castillo-Araiza made a one-year research stay at Mexican Petroleum Institute, Mexico. From 2010 to date, Castillo-Araiza has been part of the Laboratory for Processes of Transport and Reaction in Multiphasic Systems. The investigation of reactor design and chemical kinetics, aimed at the modeling and design of chemical processes and products is the core of his research. Castillo-Araiza activities are on the application of reactor engineering to energetically and environmentally friendly processes.Castillo-Araiza has co-authored indexed articles and conference papers. Castillo-Araiza has been actively involved in the training of graduate students with the supervision of PhD, MESc and bachelor students.
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Present Faculty Member, Metropolitan Autonomous University

Research Interests

Reactor Engineering, Kinetics, Modeling, Hydrodynamics, Heat Transport, and Partial Oxidations

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