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War, the United Nations, and Peacekeeping
New England Journal of Public Policy
  • Robert Weiner, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Carlos Andres Aguilera Ariza, Microsoft Corporation
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While the amount of interstate war in the international system had declined by 2013, since then both intrastate and internationalized intrastate war has increased. In 2015 there are sixteen UN peacekeeping operations around the globe, involving about 130,000 military, police, and civilian personnel. Over the past seventy years, UN peacekeeping operations have evolved from simple buffer forces tasked with observing cease-fires and armistices to complex multidimensional operations in intrastate conflicts, involving peacebuilding in an increasingly dangerous environment.
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Robert Weiner and Carlos Andres Aguilera Ariza. "War, the United Nations, and Peacekeeping" (2015)
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