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Unpublished Paper
Thwack!! Take That, User-Generated Content!: Marvel Enterprises, Inc. v. NCSoft Corp.
ExpressO (2009)
  • Carl M Szabo
Dear Madam or Sir: As seen in the attached note, I am to make two contributions. First, I address the issue of copyright liability of websites for infringement by the website users. A constant struggle as old as the constitution itself, the issue of copyright protection now makes its way into the virtual world of the internet. While the issue of copyright liability has been seen in hundreds of comments and notes from courts and attorneys alike, the issue of copyright liability on the internet remains an open question that if not addressed could endanger the protection afforded to authors when. However, through my analysis I hope to show that copyrights still apply, even in the illusory world of cyber-space. Second, I address an immense threat to copyright law, the hosting of copyrighted content on user-generated content websites, for instance, YouTube. While federal and state suits have tried to eliminate this problem through tort actions; perhaps a simpler system exists. I propose an economic solution that will charge user-generated content websites for their use of copyrighted content. This allows such websites to remain viable and provide their services while providing copyright holders the financial compensation they deserve. Please let me know if you have any questions about the piece. Sincerely Yours, Carl M. Szabo
  • Internet,
  • video game,
  • online,
  • website,
  • content,
  • copyright,
  • tort
Publication Date
August 31, 2009
Citation Information
Carl M Szabo. "Thwack!! Take That, User-Generated Content!: Marvel Enterprises, Inc. v. NCSoft Corp." ExpressO (2009)
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