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Professional Thoroughbred Jockey Injuries: Epidemiology, Causations, and Outcomes
Journal of Athletic Medicine (2014)
  • Andrea Cripps, New Mexico State University
  • Carl G Mattacola, University of Kentucky

Professional Thoroughbred Jockeys continually risk injury to participate in their high-energy, fast paced sport; however, current knowledge pertaining to Professional Thoroughbred Jockey injuries is lacking. The purposes of this literature review are to; 1) provide an overview of the status of welfare of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing jockeys, 2) describe factors that may contribute to jockey injury, 3) summarize the limited data documenting jockey injuries, 4) provide recommendations for future research, and 5) overview a plan to increase acquisition of data relative to medical care and injuries to jockeys in the United States.

  • thoroughbred jockey,
  • injuries,
  • epidemiology
Publication Date
March, 2014
Citation Information
Andrea Cripps and Carl G Mattacola. "Professional Thoroughbred Jockey Injuries: Epidemiology, Causations, and Outcomes" Journal of Athletic Medicine Vol. 1 Iss. 4 (2014)
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