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Nordic Exoticism and the Amazon Myth
  • Carl E. Marklund, European University Institute
In October 2009, Chinese media could inform the surprised world on the recent discovery of a previously isolated all women city—“Chako Paul City”—located in the frozen north of Sweden. While this amazing revelation was quickly established to be a hoax, the amazon myth still has a powerful resonance in international images of the North in general and of Scandinavia in particular. This lecture (series) takes a closer look at the emergence of this myth and how it relates to ideas of modernity and secularization. In particular, the lecture (series) asks what happens when the traditionally exoticizing gaze of the West onto the East is turned back and the North turned into an exotic Other.
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Carl E. Marklund. "Nordic Exoticism and the Amazon Myth" (2009)
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