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About Carl Marklund

What can be done and what cannot--or should not--be done politically? How is the reach of the "political" negotiated and redefined over time?
This problem is at the core of my main research
activity, which involves forays into social theory, political theory, public policy, international relations, and security studies, usually from a historically informed point of departure.
I often look at this problem by studying the way in which politics is being spoken of and the concepts and metaphors by which the boundaries of the political are changed, sometimes using conceptual history and sometimes using discourse analysis.
My current research activity ranges from a comparative conceptual history of "social engineering" in Sweden and the USA during the interwar period via a comparative study of the usage of "social capital" in post-war Singapore and Sweden to a critical analysis of what I call the "performativity-pluralism paradox" in contemporary development and reconstruction discourse.
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Present Ph. D. Researcher, European University Institute, European University Institute

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