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Thinking About Cities: The Central Tradition in U.S. Urban History
Journal of Urban History
  • Carl Abbott, Portland State University
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  • Cities and towns,
  • Cities and towns -- Growth -- History -- United States,
  • Urban history -- History -- United States,
  • Urbanization -- United States
Urban history in United States in the last 150 years has been concerned with two central questions. Historians of three generations focused on the process of urbanization and the problem of civic order in the cities. The historians of recent times emphasize on community formation as the determinant of economic growth and its general effect. Earlier scholars discussed the creation of communities and institutions and the correlation between urban and national development. Thus, interaction between city and citizen is a viable theme of urban history.

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Carl Abbott. "Thinking About Cities: The Central Tradition in U.S. Urban History" Journal of Urban History (1996)
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