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The Internationalization of Washington, D.C.
Urban Studies and Planning Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Carl Abbott, Portland State University
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  • Cities and towns,
  • Urban policy,
  • Cities and towns -- Washington (D.C.)
The globalization of U.S. cities is attracting increasing theoretical and empirical attention. The author analyzes internationally oriented activities in metropolitan Washington, D.C., and demonstrates that the city's international roles are built directly on its historic function as a national city. Focusing on change over time, the author also shows that globalization is a stepwise process: Several key periods of the expansion of international functions were followed by periods of gradual absorption. In comparative context, Washington supports arguments about the separability of international functions and shows the importance of historical development in determining the different ways in which cities interact with the world.

This is an Author's Original Manuscript of an article whose final and definitive form, has been published in Urban Affairs Review 1996 and is copyright by Sage Publications, available online at:

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Abbott, C. (1996). THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF WASHINGTON, D.C. Urban Affairs Review, 31(5), 571-594.