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Scandinavian Fiddling for String Teachers
American String Teacher's Association (ASTA) Journal (2004)
  • Carl Rahkonen, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Scandinavian fiddling for string teachers is discussed. Scandinavian music consists of two layers of folk dance music. The older layer, called "bygdedans" (village dance), has the polska as its most common form. This layer of folk dance music was played either solo on fiddle, hardingfele, or nyckelharpa, in duos, or larger ensembles made up entirely of these instruments. The newer layer of folk dance, ironically called "gammeldans" (old dance), can add more contemporary instruments, such as the accordion, clarinet, bass, guitar, or almost any other instrument in addition to fiddles. Classical string players can readily participate in Scandinavian fiddling because it follows similar principles of intonation, rhythm, and tone quality. String teachers can easily adapt Scandinavian fiddling to their teaching.
Publication Date
May, 2004
Citation Information
Carl Rahkonen. "Scandinavian Fiddling for String Teachers" American String Teacher's Association (ASTA) Journal Vol. 54 Iss. 2 (2004) p. 66 - 71
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