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Rocking Out Between the Local and the Global
Amalgam (2008)
  • Carey L Sargent, Occidental College
  • Wendy Hsu, Occidental College
We are a funny duo in Taiwan. One of us is a 1.5-generation Taiwanese American; the other is a white New Englander, both living in the American South. In Taiwan, we straddle the three-part identity of tourist, researcher, and performer. Last year we went to Taiwan for a mini-tour playing in three major cities as two thirds of experimental music trio Pinko Communoids. This year, we returned mostly in the name of “research.” But in reality, theory and practice go hand in hand. We revisited the tracks that we trekked, reconnecting with the friends we made last year. Because of the short length of our stay, we comfortably think of ourselves as tourists with a “research eye...
  • Taiwan,
  • social media,
  • experimental,
  • noise
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Carey L Sargent and Wendy Hsu. "Rocking Out Between the Local and the Global" Amalgam Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2008)
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