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Time with the sky = 與天度日
Research Expression through Art : Visual Studies Faculty
  • Carol ARCHER, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Kit KELEN
ABOUT THE PROJECT Time with the Sky | 與天度日 is an art and poetry collaboration by Carol Archer and Christopher (Kit) Kelen, a creative team who have been active in the visual arts and poetry communities of Hong Kong and Macao since 1998. Time with the Sky | 與天度日 comprises a series of charcoal and mixed media drawings on paper and a poem in twelve parts. Art and text are presented together as both exhibition and publication. The collaboration originates from time spent in art practice in Australia. In July 2009, Archer and Kelen each had artist’s residencies at Bundanon, the bush property donated to the Australian people by prominent painter, Arthur Boyd. Long-time Hong Kong and Macao residents, Archer and Kelen found inspirational the opportunity to spend time in, and to respond to, the rural environment of Bundanon. This exhibition and publication reflect their desire to share that experience with the Hong Kong community. The drawings are works on paper, all 76.5 x 57.5 cm in size. The medium is charcoak, combined in some cases with watercolour and/or pastel.
Publication Date
Loudest Place on Earth

Carol Archer and Christopher (Kit) Kelen gratefully acknowledge the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Artist Commune and the Bundanon Trust (Australia).

Citation Information
Archer, C., & Kelen, K. (2010). Time with the sky = 與天度日. Hong Kong: Loudest Place on Earth.