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Quality Improvement in University Counseling Centers
Journal of College Student Psychotherapy (2016)
  • Cara S. Maffini, San Jose State University
  • Paul L Toth, Indiana University Bloomington
University Counseling Centers (UCCs) experience high clinical demands and severe client presentations leaving counselors with limited time and resources to evaluate delivery of services. In this article, we present clinician-friendly quality improvement (QI) strategies used at a large Midwestern university and provide recommendations for implementing QI programs at other UCCs even as their resources may vary. With counselor-led efforts examining and evaluating services, UCCs can use QI programs to inform and improve counseling practices as well as advise university administrators about the positive outcomes of the center’s work.
  • outcome studies,
  • quality improvement,
  • university counseling center
Publication Date
December 20, 2016
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Cara S. Maffini and Paul L Toth. "Quality Improvement in University Counseling Centers" Journal of College Student Psychotherapy Vol. 31 Iss. 1 (2016) p. 43 - 58 ISSN: 8756-8225
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