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Defining Place Image
Strategic Place Branding Methodologies and Theory for Tourist Attraction
  • Candi Clouse, Cleveland State University
  • Ashutosh Dixit, Cleveland State University
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Contribution to Books
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  • place image,
  • brand,
  • sense of place,
  • reputation
The image of a place is important as it has implications for investments made in cities, workforce locations, and tourism. Place image incorporates concepts including brand, visual image, reputation, the sense of place, and the identity of the place - all of which create an overall image of a place and can lead to investment or abandonment. Place image has ramifications for decisions made about the place, including where businesses locate, where workers live, and where tourists visit (Smith, 2006). Place image has serious ramifications for decisions made about the place as people choose to stay, work, visit, and invest. This research outlines the inconsistencies in the literature, clarifies the terminology, and begins to set research standards for how place image is described through a conceptual model.
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Clouse, C. & Dixit, A. (2017). Defining place image. In A. Bayraktar & C. Uslay (Eds.) Strategic place branding methodologies and theory for tourist attraction (pp. 1-20). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0579-2.ch001