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About Cameron Hunt McNabb

Dr. Cameron Hunt McNabb joined Southeastern in 2012 after several years of teaching English at the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Her academic interests include medieval and early modern drama, medieval philosophy and creative writing. She has taught courses such as the History of the English Language, Milton Across the Disciplines, Introduction to Shakespeare, and a variety of Composition and Literature courses.
Dr. McNabb has published widely on medieval and early modern literature and is an active member of the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society as well as the Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages. She has delivered more than a dozen presentations, most in conjunction with the International Congress on Medieval Studies and the Shakespeare Association of America. She has also won numerous awards, including USF’s Alice Hearne Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate.


Present PhD, University of South Florida, Southeastern University
Present MA, University of South Florida, Southeastern University
Present BA, University of Maryland, Southeastern University
Present Assistant Professor of English, Southeastern University

Curriculum Vitae