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What Anthropologists Should Know About the New Evolutionary Synthesis
Structure and Dynamics : e-Journal of Anthropological and Related Sciences
  • Cameron M. Smith, Portland State University
  • Julia Cleverly Ruppell, Portland State University
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  • Evolution (Biology),
  • Physical anthropology,
  • Genetic transformation,
  • Mutagenesis,
  • Coevolution,
  • Phenotypic plasticity

Discoveries of modern biology are forcing a re-evaluation of even the central pillars of neo- Darwinian evolution. Anthropologists study the processes and results of biological and biocultural evolution, so they must be aware of the scope and nature of these changes in biology. We introduce these changes, comment briefly on how will influence anthropology, and suggest numerous readings to introduce anthropologists to the significance and substance of the new evolutionary synthesis.


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Smith, Cameron M. and Ruppell, Julia C. (2011). What Anthropologists Should Know About the New Evolutionary Synthesis. Structure and Dynamics, 5(2)