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Large Domestic Pits on the Northwest Coast of North America
Journal of Field Archaeology
  • Kenneth M. Ames, Portland State University
  • Cameron M. Smith, Portland State University
  • Alexander Bourdeau, United States Fish and Wildlife Service
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  • Northwest Coast of North America -- Prehistory,
  • Ancient dwellings -- Northwest Coast of North America,
  • Storage pits,
  • Hunting and gathering societies -- Columbia River Region
Excavations of prehistoric and contact-period houses on the southern Northwest Coast of North America have exposed very large interior pit complexes. The complexes are either long trenches or rows of pits beneath the house floors. They are associated with substantial permanently occupied houses dated to between 300 CAL B.G. and A.D. 1830. The pits add significantly to the storage potentials of these houses and suggest surplus production.
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Ames, K. (2008). Large domestic pits on the Northwest Coast of North America. Journal Of Field Archaeology, 33(1), 3-18.