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The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Facilitates Evolutionary Models of Culture Change
Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and Cultural Evolution
  • Cameron M. Smith, Portland State University
  • Liane Gabora, University of British Columbia
  • William Gardner-O’Kearney, Portland State University
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  • Social evolution,
  • Social Darwinism,
  • Human evolution,
  • Variation (Biology),
  • Extended evolutionary synthesis

The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES) is beginning to fulfill the whole promise of Darwinian insight through its extension of evolutionary understanding from the biological domain to include cultural information evolution. Several decades of important foundation-laying work took a social Darwinist approach and exhibited ecologically-deterministic elements. This is not the case for more recent developments to the evolutionary study of culture, which emphasize non-Darwinian processes such as self-organization, potentiality, and epigenetic change.

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Smith, Cameron M., Liana Gabora, and William Gardner-O’Kearny. 2018. Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Paves the Way for a Theory of Cultural Evolution. Cliodynamics 9: 84–107.