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Incidence of an Astronaut Not Closing the Pressure Garment Visor on Reentry
Anthropology Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Cameron M. Smith, Portland State University
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Technical Report
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  • Space flight,
  • Space suits
Audiovisual records of a Project Mercury pilot's activities during an orbital flight indicate that his visor was left open during reentry and descent to the sea surface, phases of flight during which cabin pressure loss was to be mitigated by suit pressurization; however the suit could not have been pressurized with the visor open. Thus, for a presentlyunknown reason, a critical safety step—sealing the visor and making a pressure suit integrity test before re-entry—was overlooked in this flight, a fact itself unreported in any flight review or historical documents known to the author. The lesson is clear: even a highly-motivated, federally-funded project remains at base a collaboration of individuals, the project only being as strong as the proverbial weakest link. Attention to development of thorough and unambiguous procedural checklists is reiterated.

Pacific Spaceflight Research Brief #2015-2

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Smith, C. (2015). Incidence of an Astronaut Not Closing the Pressure Garment Visor on Reentry. Pacific Spaceflight Research Brief #2015-2