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Water Baptism: Conditions and Consequences
Studia UBB Theologica Graeco-Catholica Varadiensis, Cluj-Napoca (2012)
  • Caleb Otniel Traian Nechifor

The doctrine of the baptism is characterized as being one of the most important biblical doctrines, beginning with the baptism of Jesus and continuing with the one obtained by each person who wants to become a true Christian. This article intends to answer to question why Jesus needed baptism. Also, this article approaches the baptism as a command of the risen Christ, without any man can be saved. As in the case of other worship acts, we raise the question of existing some preliminary conditions before the baptism. This article presents the conditions as being the faith and the repentance, which, when are correctly practiced biblical speaking, they will be followed by the forgiveness of the sins.Finally, the article, approaching the baptism form the Paul’s epistles point of view, tries to discover the relation between the baptism and Church (Jesus Christ’s body).

  • baptism of Jesus,
  • repentance baptism,
  • baptism and membership,
  • baptism’ conditions,
  • the commanded baptism
Publication Date
Summer June 1, 2012
Citation Information
Caleb Otniel Traian Nechifor. "Water Baptism: Conditions and Consequences" Studia UBB Theologica Graeco-Catholica Varadiensis, Cluj-Napoca Vol. 1 Iss. LVII (2012)
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