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About Cyril Orji

“All understanding has its universal aspect, for similars are similarly understood. But it is one thing to exploit this universal aspect in a professional manner; it is another to exploit the intelligibility, which is by itself universal, by adding further intelligibilities until one comes to grips with concrete situations.” – Bernard Lonergan
Dr. Cyril Orji received his Ph.D. from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI and is currently engaged in critical constructive analysis of issues of contemporary significance in Christian theology. Dr. Orji has an interdisciplinary approach to general education, majoring in Philosophy and Education (M.ED) at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Orji specializes in systematic and fundamental theology with particular emphases on the theology and philosophy of Bernard Lonergan and Wolfhart Pannenberg. He also collaborates in inter-religious dialogue and the intersection of religion and culture: inculturation, post-colonial critical theory, and Black and African theologies. He is also engaged in communal practices of communicative theology in the development of local/contextual theologies. Dr. Orji has an international perspective on conflict resolution and peace-building.


2005 Present Associate Professor, University of Dayton Department of Religious Studies


2005 PhD, Marquette University
2003 M.Ed, North Dakota State University
1994 M.Div, Dominican House of Studies
1990 BA, University of Ibadan

Contact Information

Phone: 937-229-2079