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Japanese Marketing: A Review
Marketing Intelligence & Planning (1992)
  • C. David Shepherd, Georgia Southern University
  • Marilyn M. Helms
  • Rodney C. Tillotson

As we move towards a global economy, success will be determined by how well countries are able to compete in international markets. Japan has realized the importance of implementing custom‐made marketing programmes to support products, as well as designing products to fit customer needs. This Japanese way of marketing is quickly becoming the competitive wave of the future, and many countries may benefit by incorporating Japanese marketing methods into their own marketing style. Thoroughly examines such areas as the development of marketing, marketing philosophy, marketing departments, promotion, distribution, and the final marketing product, to give the reader a better understanding of Japanese marketing.

  • International marketing,
  • Japan,
  • Marketing strategy,
  • Competitiveness
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C. David Shepherd, Marilyn M. Helms and Rodney C. Tillotson. "Japanese Marketing: A Review" Marketing Intelligence & Planning Vol. 10 Iss. 9 (1992)
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