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Unpublished Paper
Why the ESV Falters as a General Purpose Bible
  • Byron G. Curtis, Geneva College

Successful translation is often judged by three criteria: (a) accuracy, (b) clarity, and (c) fluency. Based on these three criteria, the ESV (English Standard Version, Crossway 2001, 2006) fails as a general purpose Bible, while the newly revised NIV (New International Version, Zondervan 2011) succeeds. This paper therefore recommends that Christian pastors and congregations, when considering a Bible for use in pulpit and pew, prefer the NIV 2011 over the ESV.

  • ESV,
  • English Standard Version,
  • NIV 2011,
  • New International Version 2011
Publication Date
Summer 2013
Citation Information
Byron G. Curtis. "Why the ESV Falters as a General Purpose Bible" (2013)
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