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Assessment of Aortic Graft Impact on Hemodynamics
ASME Proceedings | Cardiovascular Diagnostics
  • Orestis Vardoulis
  • Bryn A. Martin, The University of Akron, Main campus
  • Philippe Reymond
  • Nikos Stergiopulos
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In vivo studies have revealed that aortic grafts augment heart load and alter blood pressure and flow waveforms [1]. A one-dimensional model of the arterial tree was developed in order to analyze the different mechanisms by which proximal and distal aortic grafts affect hemodynamics. Graft compliance and properties were based on in vitro tests. Predicted pressures at the aortic root were compared for the control, proximal and distal graft case.
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Orestis Vardoulis, Bryn A. Martin, Philippe Reymond and Nikos Stergiopulos. "Assessment of Aortic Graft Impact on Hemodynamics" ASME Proceedings | Cardiovascular Diagnostics Vol. SBC2011-53245 (2011) p. 181 - 182
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