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Adolescent Racial Identity Self-Identification of Multiple and “Other” Race/Ethnicities
Educational Psychology Faculty Publications
  • Bryn Harris, University of Colorado Denver
  • Russell D. Ravert, University of Missouri
  • Amanda L. Sullivan, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
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This mixed methods study focused on adolescents who rejected conventional singular racial/ethnic categorization by selecting multiple race/ethnicities or writing descriptions of “Other” racial/ethnic identities in response to a survey item asking them to identify their race/ethnicity. Written responses reflected eight distinct categories ranging from elaborative descriptions of conventional race categories to responses refusing the construct of race/ethnicity. Students’ endorsement of multiple or “Other” ethnicities, and the resultant categories, differed by gender, grade, school type, and school compositions. Findings support scholars’ concern that common conceptualizations of race may not capture the complexity of self-identified racial categories among youth.
Citation Information
Harris, B., Ravert, R., & Sullivan, A.L. (2015). Adolescent racial identity: Self-identification of multiple and “other” race/ethnicities. Urban Education. doi: 10.1177/0042085915574527