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University Library as Incubator for Digital Scholarship
EDUCAUSE Review (2014)
  • Bryan Sinclair, Georgia State University
Libraries represent shared spaces on each of our campuses that are ripe for transformation into incubators for digital scholarship. The 21st century academic library, perhaps more than any other unit on campus, is poised to support and promote that digital scholarship originating from multiple departments on campus, bringing them together in a central location. Unlike the digital humanities centers associated with history or English departments, Joan Lippincott has noted that a library's digital scholarship space (sometimes produced through a library and central IT partnership) can provide the neutral ground where all members are welcome. Although some retooling and shifting of resources may be required, the library has the added advantage of the facilities and personnel necessary to curate, describe, and preserve that scholarship and thereby make it continually viable and visible.
  • digital scholarship,
  • data visualization
Publication Date
June 30, 2014
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Bryan Sinclair. "University Library as Incubator for Digital Scholarship" EDUCAUSE Review (2014)
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