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Expanding Research Data Services - More Than Data Management Plans
CNI Fall 2016 Meeting (2016)
  • Bryan Sinclair, Georgia State University
  • Amanda J. Swygart-Hobaugh, M.L.S., Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • Michele Claibourn, University of Virginia
Many research libraries have begun to provide new services to campus researchers around the development of data management plans (DMPs), now required of federal funding agencies. Assisting researchers in this way has provided enterprising librarians new ways of engaging with their university’s research community. But assisting with DMPs is just one area where librarians can partner with the campus community in support of research data. Through expanded research data services, the library can work more closely with faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and staff in handling all aspects of their data, big and small. At Georgia State University (GSU) Library, we have begun to develop a team and services in support of research and data literacy across multiple disciplines involving quantitative, qualitative, business and spatial/GIS data. Librarians are available to collaborate, instruct, and advise across the entire research lifecycle, including identifying, acquiring, and using unique data sets, using data analysis software (SPSS, NVivo, ArcGIS, etc.), assisting with data visualization and survey design, consulting on DMPs, and ensuring for the publication, sharing, and reuse of data. While many of these services have been well established in libraries such as at Duke, New York University, and the University of Michigan for many years, others like GSU may be looking to expand their offerings in this growing and needed area. GSU librarians will share experiences with building their unique program from scratch, including team building, recruitment of graduate assistants, campus marketing and promotion efforts, and plans for assessing and furthering this vital new library role.
  • data mangement,
  • data services,
  • academic libraries
Publication Date
Fall November 29, 2016
Washington, DC
Citation Information
Bryan Sinclair, Amanda J. Swygart-Hobaugh and Michele Claibourn. "Expanding Research Data Services - More Than Data Management Plans" CNI Fall 2016 Meeting (2016)
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