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Beyond Traditional Borders: A New Proposal for Federalism
The Economists' Voice (2006)
  • Bruno S. Frey
A federal, i.e. decentralized, state is superior to a centralized one because it fulfills the preferences of the citizens more effectively. However, it is also faced with major problems. Therefore, a new kind of democratic federalism for Europe is proposed which maintains the great advantages of federalism but which overcomes its most important weaknesses. Functional, overlapping, and competing jurisdictions (FOCJ) emerge in response to the 'geography of problems'. This concept suggests that prospective new member countries of the European Union should have the possibility of partially entering the EU with respect to functions where they expect positive net benefits.
  • Federalism,
  • European Union,
  • Citizens' Preferences,
  • Efficiency
Publication Date
December, 2006
Citation Information
Bruno S. Frey. "Beyond Traditional Borders: A New Proposal for Federalism" The Economists' Voice Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2006)
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