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Democratic Triumph, Scholarly Pessimism
Journal of Democracy
  • Bruce Gilley, Portland State University
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  • Political systems,
  • Authoritarianism,
  • Representative government and representation,
  • Democracy
This article discusses how the democratic form of government has gone from an oddity to the most common form of government in the world. The written works on democracy in the past twenty years have dealt primarily with the writers' growing sense of insecurity, the belief that history runs in cycles, and the belief that democracy will run its course and the world will find itself returned to an authoritarian existence. Samuel P. Huntington expressed his pessimism with democracy in his book "The Third Wave." Huntington believes that only countries with a substantial Western influence will be able to sustain a democracy.

Copyright 2010. The Johns Hopkins University Press. This article first appeared in Journal of Democracy, Vol 21, Issue 1, January, 2010, pages 160-167.

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Gilley, B. (2010). Democratic Triumph, Scholarly Pessimism. Journal of Democracy, 21(1), 160-167.