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“How do you do it?”: National MSW field director survey
Advances in Social Work (2011)
  • Bruce Dalton, East Tennessee State University
  • L. Stevens
  • J. Maas-Brady

This paper reports on a survey of MSW field directors in the United States. Results indicate that in some areas there is similarity between field programs, such as field training and orientation, and the student placement process. There was great variety between field programs in the areas of student field requirements, student field credits, and field liaison faculty status. Most field programs report adequate resources but a significant minority report a lack of resources. The benefits of increasing specificity of mandated standards at the cost of lessened program flexibility is discussed.

Publication Date
Fall 2011
Citation Information
Bruce Dalton, L. Stevens and J. Maas-Brady. "“How do you do it?”: National MSW field director survey" Advances in Social Work Vol. 12 Iss. 2 (2011)
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