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The Origins of a Great Profession
Business Faculty Book Gallery
  • Peter L. McMickle
  • Richard L. Vangermeersch
  • Bruce M Bradford, Fairfield University
  • Simon Stevin
  • William Gordon

Co-Editors: Peter L. McMickle & Richard G. Vangermeersch

1. Contributing Authors: Bruce Bradford and Peter L. McMickle

2. Contributing Authors: Bruce Bradford and Simon Stevin

3. Contributing Authors: Bruce Bradford and William Gordon

4. Contributing Authors: Bruce Bradford and Peter L. McMickle

Document Type
Book Contribution
Book Description: "A monograph to accompany an exhibition at Columbia University of rare accounting books and manuscripts from the Montgomery Collection in honor of the centennial of the American Institute of CPAs." Bruce Bradford is a contributing co-author, as follows: with Peter L. McMickle, "Pacioli, (Frater Lucas de Burgo Sancti Sepulchri). Summa de arithmetica geometria proportioni et proportionalita. Venice: Paganinus de Paganinis, November 10, 1494. 308 leaves. 31 cm.". with Simon Stevin, "Vorstelicke bovckhouding op de Italiaensche manier wyse in domeine en finance extraordinaire . . . Leyden: Ian Bouwensz, 1607. 102 leaves. 28.5 cm.". with William Gordon, "The universal accountant and complete merchant, In two volumes. Edinburgh: For Alexander Donaldson, 1763-1765. 2 vol. [XIII] 462; [VI] 466 pgs. 21 cm.". with Peter L. McMickle, "Foster, Benjamin Franklin. A concise treatise on commercial book-keeping. . . Boston: Perkins & Marvin; Philadelphia: H. Perkins, 1836. 171 pgs. 23.5 cm."
Publication Date
Publication Information

McMickle, Peter L. and Richard G. Vangermeersch (Eds.), The Origins of a Great Profession. (Memphis: Academy of Accounting Historians).


Copyright 1987 Academy of Accounting Historians

Citation Information
Peter L. McMickle, Richard L. Vangermeersch, Bruce M Bradford, Simon Stevin, et al.. "The Origins of a Great Profession" (1987)
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