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Law of Wills
Law Faculty Books
  • Browne C Lewis, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University
This casebook is designed to train law students to think and act like probate attorneys. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the author's book The Law of Trusts. This book's focus is problem-solving and legal application. It includes numerous problems so law students can learn to apply the law they learn from reading the cases. It also contains collaborative learning exercises to encourage students to engage in group problem-solving. The book is divided into three parts to reflect the main types of issues that students will encounter if they practice probate law; its organization mirrors the manner in which probate law is practiced in the real world.
Publication Date
CALI eLangdell Press
  • will,
  • trust,
  • property,
  • estate planning,
  • probate,
  • testacy
Citation Information
Browne C Lewis. Law of Wills. (2016)
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