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Capital without Borders: Wealth Management and the One Percent
  • Elisabeth Brooke Harrington
This book draws together the findings of eight years of field research in the wealth management profession, including 65 interviews with practitioners in 18 countries. The text delves into the medieval origins of the profession and reveals its techniques for "liberating" high-net-worth individuals from taxation and other laws they find inconvenient. Finally, the book analyzes the impact of wealth management on inequality and democracy, and assesses the future prospects for the profession in an era of global surveillance. Its insights are particularly relevant in light of the Panama Papers leak, which revealed how many of the world's elites make use of the wealth management techniques analyzed in the book.
  • wealth management,
  • inequality,
  • democracy,
  • captured states,
  • trusts,
  • Panama Papers,
  • Mossack Fonseca
Publication Date
Summer 2016
Harvard University Press
Citation Information
Elisabeth Brooke Harrington. Capital without Borders: Wealth Management and the One Percent. Cambridge, MA(2016)
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