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Where the Action Is: Small Groups and Contemporary Sociological Theory
Small Group Research (2006)
  • Elisabeth Brooke Harrington, Copenhagen Business School
  • Gary Alan Fine, Northwestern University

Although small group research has been somewhat marginalized within sociology during the past decades, the authors argue that a focus on interaction arenas can contribute to a more complete analysis of social life. Specifically the authors examine three central domains of sociological analysis—culture, organizations, and the economy—to demonstrate how a focus on the mesolevel of analysis allows for a merging of macrosociology and microsociology. The authors draw on the perspective of sociological miniaturism to provide a model for cross-level research.

  • small groups; civil society; culture; economic sociology
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Harrington, Brooke and Gary Alan Fine. 2006. "Where the Action Is: Small Groups and Contemporary Sociological Theory." Small Group Research, 37: 1-16. Available at: