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How COVID-19 Can Be Used to Help Win Climate Change Lawsuits
Fast Company (2020)
  • Sara C Bronin
Politicians around the country have taken swift action to address the COVID-19 pandemic. But their all-hands-on-deck reactions have also exasperated climate change activists, who can only dream of the same urgency being applied to the arguably more deadly and far-reaching climate crisis. But the pandemic does have something useful to teach the climate movement: How the courts might respond to intrusive but life-saving interventions.
  • COVID,
  • Climate,
  • takings,
  • environment,
  • First Amendment,
  • pandemic,
  • law,
  • climate change,
  • environmental law,
  • property law
Publication Date
July 15, 2020
Citation Information
Sara C Bronin. "How COVID-19 Can Be Used to Help Win Climate Change Lawsuits" Fast Company (2020)
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