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Border Wall Presents Paradox for Conservatives
Austin-American Statesman (2019)
  • Sara C Bronin
Caught in the impeachment whirlwind, President Trump continues to push his campaign promise to wall off the United States from Mexico. To complete the border wall, the Trump administration will have to acquire hundreds of pieces of private property — homes, farms and other parcels — across four states. The largest number will be in Texas, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection just admitted that it has acquired only 16% of the private land needed.
To get the rest, Trump has said he is ready to take land from uncooperative property owners through eminent domain. That creates a dilemma for Trump’s conservative supporters. Which do they want more: A border wall? Or private property rights?
  • property,
  • eminent domain,
  • constitutional law,
  • fifth amendment,
  • takings,
  • conservatives,
  • border wall
Publication Date
November 17, 2019
Citation Information
Sara C Bronin. "Border Wall Presents Paradox for Conservatives" Austin-American Statesman (2019)
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