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Stop Destructive Airport Tree-Cutting Plan in Hartford, Groton
Hartford Courant (2017)
  • Sara C Bronin
This op-ed argues that the Connecticut Airport Authority should withdraw its plans to cut down trees along the Connecticut River in Hartford and at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, and release new plans that protect aviators while safeguarding natural resources.

Connecticut law says there is a public trust in the air, water and other natural resources of the state. These resources belong to you, and must be managed and preserved for the enjoyment of all current and future citizens. The airport authority should develop new plans that maintain airport safety while making the effort to acknowledge and protect the astounding natural resources of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound coastline.
  • tree,
  • planning,
  • environmental law,
  • land use law,
  • property law
Publication Date
March, 2017
Citation Information
Sara C Bronin. "Stop Destructive Airport Tree-Cutting Plan in Hartford, Groton" Hartford Courant (2017)
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