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Relationship Between Health Behaviors and Technology Usage Among Late Adolescents
American Journal of Health Behavior
  • Bridget F. Melton, Georgia Southern University
  • Lauren E. Bigham, University of Georgia
  • Helen W. Bland, Georgia Southern University
  • Matthew Bird, Georgia Southern University
  • Ciaran Fairman, Georgia Southern University
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Objective: To examine associations between technology usage and specific health factors among college students.

Methods: The research employed was a quantitative, descriptive, cross-sectional design; undergraduate students enrolled in spring 2012 general health education courses were recruited to participate. To explore college students' specific technology usage and health-related behaviors, a 28-item questionnaire was utilized.

Results: Statistical significant differences of technology usage were found between 3 of the 4 health-related behaviors under study (BMI, sleep, and nutrition) (p < .05).

Conclusion: As technology usage continues to evolve within the college student population, health professionals need to understand its implications on health behaviors.

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Bridget F. Melton, Lauren E. Bigham, Helen W. Bland, Matthew Bird, et al.. "Relationship Between Health Behaviors and Technology Usage Among Late Adolescents" American Journal of Health Behavior Vol. 38 Iss. 4 (2014) p. 510 - 518 ISSN: 1945-7359
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