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Black men in the academy: Narratives of resiliency, achievement, and success.
  • Brian L McGowan, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Robert T Palmer, Howard University
  • J Luke Wood, San Diego State University
  • David Hibbler, Jr, University of South Florida
Since slavery, black men have always displayed a predilection for education. Despite this affinity, there is today a different narrative regarding black men and education. Specifically, this narrative centers on a deficit perspective surrounding black men and education. While discussing the issues affecting the success of black men is critical, it is equally important to focus on the achievements of black men in education. The growing trend in literature on black men reframes the discourse from a deficit perspective to anti-deficit approach. Anchored in this approach, this book explores narratives of resiliency, success, and achievement for black men in the academy. The powerful and compelling narratives provide role modeling, lessons of success, support, mentorship, and hope for black men and marginalized populations.
Publication Date
McGowan, B. L., Palmer, R. T., Wood, J. L., & *Hibbler, D. F. (Eds.).
Palgrave McMillan
Citation Information
Brian L McGowan, Robert T Palmer, J Luke Wood and David Hibbler. Black men in the academy: Narratives of resiliency, achievement, and success.. London(2016)
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