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Occupy Wall Street redefines integrity
The Oregonian (2011)
  • Brian S Winkenweder, Dr., Linfield College

Occupy Wall Street promotes direct democracy in the public sphere. Therefore, it is incoherent, sprawling and diverse. The participants are not limited to college students, anarchists, hippies and union members; rather, there are people of all ages, income brackets and ethnicities. A month ago I spent two weeks in New York City and many hours at Zuccotti Park (aka Liberty Plaza) talking to like-minded citizens, and even with those who disagreed. Today, after a long slumber, U.S. citizens are back in the public sphere talking about real economic and political issues.

  • Occupy Wall Street
Publication Date
November 22, 2011
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Brian S Winkenweder. "Occupy Wall Street redefines integrity" The Oregonian (2011)
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