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Halal Hotdogs [Design Ignites Change Idea Award]
  • Brian M. Wiley
  • Mohamud Mumin
  • Ahmed Hirsi

Halal Hotdogs is a collaborative effort between Brian Wiley, Mohamud Mumin, and Ahmed Hirsi. It was devised as a way to celebrate Somali culture and change its perception here in the Twin Cities by using food as a catalyst for community engagement and cultural acceptance. The project also serves as an opportunity to provide job skills and entrepreneurial development to young Somalis. Ultimately, we feel that food carts could create a source of sustainable income for newly-arrived Somali immigrants that may otherwise struggle to find meaningful work.

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Brian M. Wiley, Mohamud Mumin and Ahmed Hirsi. "Halal Hotdogs [Design Ignites Change Idea Award]" (2012)
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