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Augustine’s Use of ‘Spiritual Body’
Augustinian Studies (2004)
  • Brian Schmisek, Loyola University Chicago
It has been posited that in his early career, Augustine was unaware of the doctrine of the resurrection. Whether or not that is the case, throughout much of his career he was defending the bold claim, dicimus carnem resurgere, “we say that the flesh rises again.” This article will seek 1) to review the development of the term “resurrection of the flesh” in some of the early Christian fathers, 2) to review briefly Augustine’s concept of resurrection and 3) to see how Augustine understood and used the Pauline term “spiritual body” from 1 Cor 15:44. It will be shown that Augustine had the idea of a fleshy resurrection before incorporating the Pauline notion of “spiritual body” into his theology. Augustine then was able to interpret “spiritual body” in such a way as to claim a resurrection of the flesh, and even a spiritual flesh, even though that is not the Pauline meaning of the term, as is clear from Paul’s own discussion in 1 Cor 15:50.
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Brian Schmisek. "Augustine’s Use of ‘Spiritual Body’" Augustinian Studies Vol. 35 (2004)
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