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Cyberbullying Among 9-16 Year Olds in Ireland
  • Brian O'Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Thuy Dinh, Dublin Institute of Technology
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Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series, No.5

Almost a quarter (23%) of 9-16 year olds surveyed experienced some form of bullying, online or offline. Bullying online or by mobile is less common (4%) than face to face. Levels of bullying in Ireland are a little above the average reported by the 25 countries (23% vs. 19%) but lower for cyberbullying (4% vs. 6%). Bullying face to face is experienced by younger children (under 12) as well as by older teens. Online bullying is much less common among younger 9-12 olds and happens mostly to teenagers.
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B. O'Neill, T. Dinh (2013) Cyberbullying among 9-16 year olds in Ireland. Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series (No.5). Dublin: Dublin Institute of Technology