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Risks and Safety on the Internet: EU Kids Online Findings from Ireland
  • Brian O'Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology
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Launch Event for Safer Internet Day. Feburary 8, 2011.  Dublin.  Department of Education and Skills.

Children and young people in Ireland, as shown throughout the EU Kids Online survey, in many respects are among the leaders in most aspects on internet use compared to their counterparts from across Europe. Use of the internet at home among Irish children is well above the European average (87% vs. 62%). Access via school or college is much the same (66% vs. 63%). Using the internet ‘when out and about’ is also higher for children in Ireland than in Europe generally (20% vs. 9%) reflecting the growing popularity of mobile internet access through smartphones, laptops and other handheld devices.
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O’Neill, B. (2011). Risks and safety on the internet: EU Kids Online findings from Ireland. Presentation at Safer Internet Day Launch Event, February 8, 2011. Dublin: Department of Education and Skills.