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Characteristics of Sublingual Glands from Young Adult and Aged Rats
  • Brian L. Kuyatt, Cedarville University
  • B. J. Baum
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Descriptive biochemical characteristics of aqueous extracts from young adult and aged male and female rat sublingual glands, have been examined. No change in gland protein or DNA content was observed with increased age. The concentrations of sialic acids and neutral sugars, in gland extracts, from aged rats of both sexes, were increased 25–50% compared to their young adult counterparts. No consistent difference in any individual protein species, resolved by 3.75% and 10% acrylamide gel/SDS electrophoresis, was found.
  • Sublingual glands,
  • age,
  • rats,
  • protein
Citation Information
Brian L. Kuyatt and B. J. Baum. "Characteristics of Sublingual Glands from Young Adult and Aged Rats" Gerodontology Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (1982) p. 5 - 9
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