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What Students Need to Know Before Taking College Science Courses
Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference
  • Michelle Cawthorn, Georgia Southern University
  • Brian Koehler, Georgia Southern University
  • Jim LoBue, Georgia Southern University
  • Robert Mayes, Georgia Southern University
Session Format
Presentation Session (45 minutes)
Room 1909
Abstract for the conference program
Careers in math, science, and engineering are accompanied by a challenging course of study, and students need to be well prepared. The subject of this round-table discussion will be the key skills that students should have upon entering college, to succeed in math, science, or engineering.
Proposal Track
Non-research Project
Start Date
3-8-2013 2:45 PM
End Date
3-8-2013 3:30 PM
Citation Information
Michelle Cawthorn, Brian Koehler, Jim LoBue and Robert Mayes. "What Students Need to Know Before Taking College Science Courses" (2013)
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