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Supererogatory Superluminality
Synthèse (2001)
  • Bradley Monton, University of Kentucky
  • Brian Kierland, Princeton University

We argue that any superluminal theory T is empirically equivalent to a nonsuperluminal theory T∗, with the following constraints on T∗: T∗ preserves the spacetime intervals between events as entailed by T , T∗ is naturalistic (as long as T is), and all the events which have causes according to T also have causes according to T∗. Tim Maudlin (1996) defines standard interpretations of quantum mechanics as interpretations ‘according to which there was a unique set of outcomes in Aspect’s laboratory, which outcomes occurred at spacelike separation’, and Maudlin claims that standard interpretations must be non-local in the sense that there are superluminal influences. We show (even assuming Aspect’s experiment is ideal) that Maudlin’s claim is false.

Publication Date
June, 2001
Citation Information
Bradley Monton and Brian Kierland. "Supererogatory Superluminality" Synthèse Vol. 127 Iss. 3 (2001)
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