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Westminster's Impending Short Title Quandary: And How To Fix it
Public Law (2013)
  • Brian Christopher Jones, Academia Sinica
Discusses the likelihood that, in the absence of official guidelines on the choice of short title for new Bills submitted to the Westminster Parliament, increasingly the US practice of giving Bills "sloganising" or personalised short titles will be emulated. Reports on the views of parliamentarians about the use of evocative language in Bill titles. Outlines the formal and informal rules and practices followed by Office of the Parliamentary Counsel in the naming of Bills, and suggests five guidance points for the selection of a short title.
  • bills,
  • statutes,
  • short titles,
  • Westminster Parliament,
  • legislative drafting,
  • evocative language,
  • standards
Publication Date
April, 2013
Citation Information
Brian Christopher Jones. "Westminster's Impending Short Title Quandary: And How To Fix it" Public Law (2013)
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