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Federal forfeiture: Law, policy and practice
The Justice Professional (1999)
  • Greg L. Warchol
  • Dennis M. Payne
  • Brian R. Johnson, Grand Valley State University
The purpose of this research is to first describe the origins and current state of federal asset forfeiture law, then examine of how property seized under the forfeiture laws for drug law violations is proceeded against by the federal government. The methodology, which is primarily exploratory, utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data. A sample of over 6000 federal administrative and judicial drug forfeiture cases are described and analyzed to construct a profile of the federal government's use of this policy. Findings raise questions about the use of forfeiture and the government's intent. Implications and suggestions for future research are included.
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Greg L. Warchol, Dennis M. Payne and Brian R. Johnson. "Federal forfeiture: Law, policy and practice" The Justice Professional Vol. 11 Iss. 4 (1999)
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