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Creating Healthy Community in the Postindustrial City
Recovery, Renewal, Reclaiming: Anthropological Research Towards Healing (2015)
  • Brian A Hoey, Marshall University
This chapter explores how community might be reimagined for the benefit of public health as well as to promote incipient social or economic agendas born of progressive citizen action aimed at what is commonly characterized as development or, perhaps, even more broadly as “growth.” Can a city like Huntington, West Virginia, emerge as a positive example of what we might term postindustrial urban regeneration and perhaps even community healing? Can this happen specifically through a grassroots movement now finding local governmental support in a collective attempt to transform this place from one defined primarily by the productive capacity of factories to one that might appeal to small business entrepreneurs—many of whom may be members of a category of potential in-migrants that some scholars, planners and, increasingly, government officials around the United States have called “creatives”? This chapter contributes to academic and popular discussion of how throughout the vast archipelago of former industrial sites—a legacy of a dominative urban-industrial political economy—small cities like Huntington might plan a healthy way forward that promises sustainable, restorative growth in an economic and social landscape that has been shifted by profound structural changes that appear to require a significantly different way of doing things.
  • Anthropology,
  • Space and Place,
  • Community Development,
  • Public Health,
  • Creative Class,
  • Postindustrialism,
  • Deindustrialisation,
  • Lifestyle Migration,
  • Economic Restructuring,
  • and Topophilia
Publication Date
King, Lindsey
University of Tennessee, Newfound Press
Citation Information
Brian A Hoey. "Creating Healthy Community in the Postindustrial City" Knoxville, TNRecovery, Renewal, Reclaiming: Anthropological Research Towards Healing (2015)
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